An Old Denis Wick Mouthpiece Catalogue

Here is an interesting thing I came across. It’s a 1970’s Denis Wick mouthpiece leaflet. It may be of interest to anyone who comes across an old mouthpiece that is not listed on the current Denis Wick web site. Note the differences to the current range.

Trumpet Mouthpieces

is described as a scaled-down 1X, but there is no 1X listed here for it to be scaled down from! Not sure if the current 1 is the same mouthpiece as they were selling back then.

1C listed – this was later joined by a version with a wider rim called the 1CW. The 1CW was then renumbered as the 1C so this is probably not the same as the current 1C.

3A listed as a scaled-down 1. This mouthpiece is no longer offered, but they still do the 3.

4C mentioned as having been introduced for the new Sovereign Symphony Trumpet.

Cornet Mouthpieces

7 is described as being very small and for people used to old mouthpieces (like Kosikups). This model was discontinued a long time ago.

L shanks mentioned as an option. This was a larger fitting for some instruments. The standard fitting was slightly smaller than we would get now.

B and C cup mouthpieces recommended for American and Japanese Cornets.

4B mentioned as the prefered choice for the new large-bore sovereign cornet.

1C 2C 3C and 4C listed. These had longer shanks and smaller throats. These were discontinued a long time ago.


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