Why the Deposit Return Scheme for Scotland needs a rethink.

The Campaign for a Deposit Return Scheme in Scotland was supported by many environmental organisations. The aim was to reduce litter and increase recycling rates. I was involved in the early part of the campaign. There was a lot of enthusiasm and it made sense. In hindsight, though, was very much “of its time”. TheContinue reading “Why the Deposit Return Scheme for Scotland needs a rethink.”

How to fix 5G not working on Pixel 5 after upgrade to Android 12

After my Google Pixel 5 upgraded to Android 12 it would only connect to my mobile phone service using 4G. 5G stopped working. After checking the network status I did some investigation and the only way to fix it was to reset the Network Settings. This causes the phone to reconnect to the phone networkContinue reading “How to fix 5G not working on Pixel 5 after upgrade to Android 12”

How I reduced my carbon footprint. Hint – it wasn’t easy.

About eight years ago I started the process of reducing my carbon footprint. This included looking at my home energy usage, travel and consumption of goods in general. As we live in a 1928 bungalow some of this was difficult. Over five years I managed to reduce our Gas usage by 30% and our ElectricityContinue reading “How I reduced my carbon footprint. Hint – it wasn’t easy.”

My Review: Geneva Heritage Cornet

As one of the first people to buy a Heritage Cornet from Geneva I have been getting a lot of questions about the instrument from friends and acquaintances who haven’t had a chance to try one. I have given various answers in Facebook replies, so this review is an opportunity to put them down inContinue reading “My Review: Geneva Heritage Cornet”

Why I love the Canon APS-C Camera System

This article could have been called “Full Frame or APS-C” as that is the main choice I had to make have when settling on Canon’s APS-C system. My explanation makes sense for me, but it might not for you. If you are looking at competition level or studio photography the APS-C might not have theContinue reading “Why I love the Canon APS-C Camera System”

What Happened to Mary Ferns?

Mary Ferns is an 88 year old woman from Livingston in West Lothian, who disappeared on 17th June 2008. You can find an original BBC report of her disappearance here. Mary had left her home in Vancouver Avenue to shop at Livingston’s Almondvale Centre. She never returned, and her disappearnace was reported to the police.Continue reading “What Happened to Mary Ferns?”

How I Got Started in Amateur Radio

There weren’t any radio amateurs in my family, but three of my neighbours were licensed, so it did not seem like an unusual hobby. One of them was a GM5 who occupied a house owned by the American electronics company he worked for. He had a triband yagi fitted through the roof of the house.Continue reading “How I Got Started in Amateur Radio”

An Old Denis Wick Mouthpiece Catalogue

Here is an interesting thing I came across. It’s a 1970’s Denis Wick mouthpiece leaflet. It may be of interest to anyone who comes across an old mouthpiece that is not listed on the current Denis Wick web site. Note the differences to the current range. Trumpet Mouthpieces 1  is described as a scaled-down 1X,Continue reading “An Old Denis Wick Mouthpiece Catalogue”